The Body

The body is a truly magnificent creation. Its complexity is beyond imagination. 21st century research of the body reveals a seemingly unending universe of order, balance, and complexity nearly impossible to conceive of in past years. A brief look within our body yields facts that are hard to comprehend – and lead to an amazing discovery about how to pursue health. Our body was made to be healthy. It is a fine-tuned instrument that depends upon balance to create wellness. This body of ours should have no problem keeping us healthy and providing us with an amazing life. Disease and sickness can be fought by the body itself. It is more than capable by design if we provide what our bodies need for it to function in that perfect balance. Simply put, balance = wellness. The foundation of that balance rests with proper pH values in our bodies. And isn’t wellness what we all aspire to? Continue…

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HomeWhat Happens when I Drink Balance 7?

The most logical and effective answer is to introduce alkalinity into your system. Many foods we eat are highly acidic or cause our bodies to become more acidic. You can drink 5 oz of Balance 7 alkaline-rich dietary supplement daily and assist your body in regaining a state of homeostasis.

HomeWhy Balance 7 is the answer

The human body produces acid for digestion. For every drop of acid that it produces, it also produces an equal amount of alkaline. This process is designed to maintain a pH as close to 7.0 (neutral value) as possible in the entire body, excluding blood.

HomeRules of the body

Most machines have operation manuals. Not following them has dire consequences. The same is true of the body. Not observing the body’s rules for life penetrates deeply into the intricate foundation of life and compromises the body’s ability to fight sickness and disease. We suffer because of it.


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