Balance7™ is a liquid dietary supplement with the powerful ability to raise the body's pH levels. Its intense alkalinity  triggers the body’s own self-healing capability by eliminating dangerous inner acidity.

From conception to production, Balance 7 was discovered over two decades of study and research. This unique blend is not a complicated or expensive procedure.  Its simple daily regimen makes pH balancing process easy, fast, and effective. Since the market launch in 2009 in the US and Africa, the use of Balance 7™ worldwide has produced a steady stream of testimonies about  extraordinary health benefits.

Many begin to experience better energy and improved clarity of thought, often within 72 hours.  Many with dramatic health conflicts have experience immediate symptom relief.  Inner acidic crisis management within the body resists inflammation and perks up the immune system.

pH balance in the body's metabolic systems strengthens the immune system strengthening the body's ability to maintain vibrant, long term health. Balance 7 acts as a shield against sickness and disease.

Discover the benefits yourself and join the B7 movement.  As you share the good news, take advantage of the REWARDS referral affiliate program and earn a financial benefit. professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, Mom's and Dad's  are invited to join this growing health and wealth movement.


Why Alkalinity

Your body works hard to maintain a healthy balance between acid (lower on the pH scale) and alkaline (higher on the pH scale).  Research continues to discover this is absolutely essential to good health. helping your systems operate efficiently. The imbalance resulting from stress, lack of sleep, acidic foods (such as sugar, processed foods and alcohol) overwhelms your body ability to maintain optimal pH levels.

Alkalizing minerals within the body are depleted in the body's ongoing battle against high levels of acidity. Usually, these vital minerals are leached from your bones, organs and tissues. As the 'inner terrain" of the body becomes acidic, viruses, fungus, yeast and bacteria multiply and throw opens the door to sickness and disease in the body.

Balance 7 gives your body a burst of alkalinity and puts out the fires of acidic - inner calm in your body.  Its potent acidic neutralization with pH balancing powers is the secret of its success.  With a pH level over 11, this pH balancing catalyst is what you need to quickly and powerfully support your body's healing and health dynamic.

Get that extra spring in your step and celebrate a healthy life!  Balance 7 for life!



pH to have it... 

Bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts seek inner pH balance because it helps your body sustain physical activity for longer periods of time at higher workloads. How? During training, your body produces lactate, and which then needs to be eliminated.  When lactate production exceeds your ability to clear it, (your Anaerobic Threshold),  your energy production becomes dominated by your anaerobic systems.

Proper alkaline levels in the body increases your ability to clear lactate, increases your Anaerobic Threshold to let you workout longer and harder.  Balance 7 is a fast acting catalyst to balance pH (which is why some daily drink gallons of alkaline) and delivers waves of alkalinity with every one ounce dose. 

For over two decades, the explosion of knowledge from health studies and research have led to new discoveries which point to two important facts:

  1. Excess internal acidity destroys inner health
  2. Proper inner pH balance is fundamental to health

With only 3 ounces of Balance 7 a day, you can improve your body's ability to fight disease and stay healthy, improve your energy levels, increasing your memory, and put new spring in your step. 

What is pH?

The term pH stands for potential of hydrogen and represents a numerical scale used to specify the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. In everyday use, we can use it to measure food or in this case, our bodies. The scale ranges from zero, the most acidic, to 14, the most alkaline (basic). All liquid systems have a pH level.  And a precise pH level is ESSENTIAL for hi levels of health.  Your pH level impacts all of your body’s cells, tissues, glands, organs, and organ systems. 

How Important Is It?

When our body’s pH balance is wrong, serious problems result as the “liquid” systems and their incredibly complex chemical and metabolic processes begin to go haywire. As an example, when blood pH (95% water) is not kept within pH balance of 7.35 to 7.45, results are serious...we die. All inner systems also require very specific pH levels for best “performance”. Without it, there are harmful health consequences.

 How Is Low Body pH Produced?

So… let’s get practical. What place does pasta, chocolate, coffee, tea, beef, poultry, rice, beer or wine, bread, and eggs have in your diet? For most us, these foods are essential and “non-negotiable” and form the majority of our diet. However, when metabolized, these very foods leave a metallic and chemical residue in our bodies that tend to create lower than normal pH levels. When our diets do not include enough alkaline producing foods, our bodies become acidic. This is called acidosis.

Acidosis, the term used to describe an excess amount of acid in the body, is a serious ailment and can reap negative effects on short-term and long-term health. Common symptoms include frequent colds, flu, rashes, persistent allergies, inflammation, and acid reflux. In extreme cases, cells in the afflicted body are beginning to suffer from lack of oxygen and die.

You may experience heartburn or mild acid reflux due to the excess production of gastric acid used to digest the food. In such a case, one would consume an antacid to counteract the excess acid. This is done by raising the pH levels within the stomach into the alkaline range.

 Acidosis Kills

We know that acid rain kills forests, that acid creates rust, and that acid waste pollutes lakes… What we don’t realize is that acid in our bodies likewise can kill… as it produces an atmosphere for disease. When our primary “building block”, water, has an out of balance pH level, (i.e. acidosis), our body’s mechanisms for health maintenance and restoration are greatly compromised and disease will strike.

Understand clearly that acidosis (low pH) is a deadly enemy to the health mechanisms of your body. It will corrode and eventually destroy your body’s own ability to defend itself from sickness and disease. Through your efforts to eliminate this condition from the water of your body, you will effectively help your own body keep healthy.

It is not a coincidence that cancer rates are increasing, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and persistent allergies are becoming more common. These illnesses are all correlated with the rise in consumption of acid-forming foods such as refined sugars, trans fats, fast food, processed foods, and white breads. At the same time our consumption of fresh, clean, foods like vegetables and essential fatty acids in steadily declining. This is paving the way for a future generation hooked on processed and acidic foods.

 Symptoms of Acidosis

  • Impaired Cellular Function
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Diminished Immunity
  • Inflammation
  • Osteoporosis
  • Premature Aging
  • Muscle Loss
  • Anxiety and Irritability




How Does Balance 7 help?

Balance 7 is a new exciting and effective way achieve results fast in your quest to re-balance body’s pH levels. The starting place for your body’s journey back to health requires an all out effort to repair the damage to its primary “building block” – its water. We need to re-balance destructive low pH levels in this foundational building block of our body.

Balance 7 is a natural dietary supplement (mostly water) comprised of a proprietary mix of mineral salts that combine to form a highly alkaline (11.2) supplement that is safe for the body. Traditional medicine do not offer easy and effective methods to balance pH.

Balance 7 is a rich source of alkalinity – that helps your body regain its pH balance. When taken per instructions, it releases bicarbonates in the bloodstream - which streams throughout the body to highly acidic "trouble spots.  The result is reduced inflammation and an inner environment ideal for your body to heal itself.

Specific Benefits of pH Balance 

  • Fat Metabolism
  • Healthy Insulin Production
  • Healthy Oxygen Flow
  • Smooth Blood Flow
  • Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Critical Lipid and Fatty Acid and Hormonal Metabolism Cellular Regeneration and DNA-RNA Synthesis
  • Proper Electrolyte Activity
  • Access to Energy Reserves


Many claim to have prevented cancer through the use of alkaline water, and even state that it is the best natural treatment for cancer. Serious search for answers have led to a pathway that used alkaline water for cancer treatment. Some boldly say “there is an alkaline water cancer treatment method that works”, and even offer personal testimonies to back it up.

Balance 7 is NOT alkaline water. It is better!  It has a far higher "alkalinity factor" i.e. the acid neutralization capability... For that reason, it is far more effective in releasing bicarbonates in the bloodstream that swiftly stream through the body to raise low pH levels.

If you want the optimal formula for giving your body the support it is asking for, discover the power of Balance 7.  We'll celebrate with you when we hear your good reviews!


If there was a product that you only had to drink a few ounces of each day that could potentially dramatically improve your condition, would you be willing to try it? Well there is! Take a 21 day period of 3 oz doses and monitor your sugar levels.  Discover the power of pH balance to fight diabetes.

Monitor the impact of this powerful pH11+ alkaline catalyst yourself. Monitor your sugar over the first 10 days of regular use of Balance 7. See for yourself. Watch the impact on your sugar levels as your body responds to more balanced pH levels within.


Balance 7 is rated pH 11.2! The most popular alkaline waters on the market today top out at eight or nine.  And require that you drink 70 to 90+ oz per day!  With B7, only 1 oz dose of this potent alkalinity sends a tidal wave of alkaline bicarbonate throughout your bloodstream. 

It's simple and fast acting.  It won't take long for you see its impact. we think you will too. Celebrate a healthy life!


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