PC1 Promo Invitation Cards (100 cards)

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Use this custom card strategically have customers use your link.

Promo Invitation Cards (100 each)

SIMPLE PROMO TOOLS. These beautifully designed hand out cards are to be used in present Balance 7 products to interested clients.  Simply write your contact information on these custom cards and hand them out.  Proper use of these cards present a pathway for you to invite interested people to request your link in making their purchases.  


HANDY REMINDERS.  These serve as reminders for those you speak to send you a text or email requesting your link for purchase or sign up and to get a discount.  Anyone with these handouts get a discount on product!
100 each business size cards.  These handout cards provide you with a practical strategy for inviting prospects to become customers.


HOW TO USE.  After talking to prospect who becomes interested, give him a card with your email and phone number filled in.  He will then text or email you the CODE requested by the card.  When you see this on your phone or email, simply send him your replicated site link.  When he uses that link, he will be greeting by your custom personalized landing page that also has a DISCOUNT COUPON.   Be sure to tell client that through you, he receives a special discount...


That's all there is to it...





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