Imagine a product that painlessly, quickly, and easily melts and washes away the outer skin layers – layers filled with bacteria, dying skin cells, particulates, and oil.  Your vibrant skin layers now more easily breath and moisturize – the perfect foundation for healthy and beautiful skin that will minimize wrinkles and blemishes. 

That is exactly what MySmoothSkin is…the best way to exfoliate…the best foundation for your beauty regimen.

You’re probably here because you’re looking for the best product for skin exfoliation, smooth skin, and acne prevention you can find.  Exfoliating products for skin repair are a dime a dozen.

Proper exfoliation is the foundation of beauty.  Hollywood knows it.  You should too.  Don't waste money on products that can be painful and may be doing more harm than good.  Instead, melt away that outer layer of skin fast, easy, and painlessly.

Now let me ask you this...

How many toxic chemicals are you comfortable putting on your skin?  Is it possible that some of the “healthy” skin products you’re using are actually doing more harm than good?  Are they toxifying your body?  Damaging your skin?

If someone handed you a bottle of formaldehyde, would you rub it on your face?

Here is a list of things you might find in your skin care products:

Coal Tar

Some of those aren't even pronounceable.  Para..phenyl...what?


skin-absorb.jpgYour skin does an amazing job of absorbing liquids and creams.  That’s why things like moisturizers work.  But what this also means is that what you put on your skin enters your body.  How many of those chemicals do you want inside your body?

What if there was an all natural product that was a great exfoliation product for skin repair?  What if it was a pH balanced skin cleanser for smooth skin that was also a great acne prevention product?

Here’s the deal…

You want the best exfoliating products for skin health and repair.  You want the best natural exfoliating product that’s going to give you smooth skin and help clear and prevent acne.

What if I told you there was a product that does these things very well, and only has three ingredients and they were water, sodium, and phosphate?


Water, as everyone knows, is necessary to sustain life.  Sodium and phosphate are both electrolytes that have various beneficial properties for both the skin and body.  This is something you can safely drink.

MySmoothSkin: the all natural alkaline exfoliation catalyst.  Just a quick spray and wipe every day before your usual beauty routine is all you need.  It will act faster, with greater ease than any product on the market, and with absolutely no pain or hassle!  

We guarantee it. 




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