“Quad-Pak” MC Special | B7-42MC2 | 42 day supply - (2x64oz)

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Powerful Alkalyzing impact for 21 days - only 1 oz three times a day.  Plus get Undecim Nasal Spray and Hand Sanitizer!

IMMUNITY BOOST SYSTEM -TRI-PACK (limited time offer)


42 Day Starter Size (64 oz.) (two months supply)*

This 42 day (two bottles of 21 days supply each) is for the ideal size for both you and your loved one as an ongoing pH boost supplement.  It results in a deeply powerful detoxification of the body and resulting immunity boost.  Build your way back to top level health through proper pH balance!  Lite on the pocket book.  11.2 pH level – Proprietary blend – hi alkalinity supplement

Undecim Plus Hand Cleaner - FREE

Spray it on and rub until dry!  Undecim Plus Hand Cleanser performs a deep cleanse on your hands fast without any harsh chemicals.

This all natural spray is made from inorganic materials that are safe and environmentally friendly!  Ongoing use on hands, face, and skin is an instant exfoliation to remove outer polluted skin layers.

Undecim Plus Nasal Spray - FREE

Clear Calm.  Bring fast calm to nasal inflammation and clear your respiratory passages.  This is the first line of defense against respiratory infection.  Use this powerful tool today. 

2 oz spray bottle.  Natural mineral non-toxic ingredients.

My Smooth Skin 4 oz - FREE

Experience smooth and clear skin - the natural way!  My Smooth Skin is formulated to reduce a variety of skin conditions and leave it smooth, clean, and bright!  Use it before putting on makeup, to help clean it off, and as a general cleanser.  You will notice the difference after incorporating My Smooth Skin into your daily regimen!  Also great for men and children!



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