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We need to dialogue with you.  The better we do, the better the chance of helping you in achieving health, both in your life and others.  

Help / Questions

Have questions about our product?  Please look carefully at the LEARN MORE section of our site. We try to answer many common questions there.  We are CONVINCED we have a product most need to use.  You may, however, have critical question.  We invite you first of all to send in your request by email in the form below.  We will do our best to get back to your promptly and refer you to information we trust will be helpful.

Order Follow Up

Are you following up on an order already placed?  Not arrived on time?  Please check your tracking number.  You should have an email with the tracking number on it.  Or log in to YOUR ACCOUNT on this site, assuming you set one up.  There you will immediately see "Order Status" tab on left column. Click on it and you will see the exact status of your order.

Want to Be a Partner

We've decided the best method to spread the word about our products are people, people who use our product and discovered its benefits.  So rather than expensive advertising campaigns, we designed our PARTNER PROGRAM.  Here we offer you opportunities to take advantage of your contacts, the internet, and your experience with our products.  You can become a BALANCE 7 PARTNER.  Review our programs and PLEASE contact us, by email or phone.  You may soon find yourself Balance 7 Partner - WHOLESALE, AFFILIATE, or MEDICAL.  

Note that with this program there are ways to refer customers to our site (using a replicated site feature), have them make a purchase, and YOU are sent a monthly commission every time they purchase.


Especially exciting is our AFFILIATE program.  This specifically uses the power of the internet to empower YOU as an affiliate to let people know about Balance 7 in a way that earns you an income.  With creativity and diligence, this becomes an exciting opportunity.  Contact us with questions you may have.


This traditional approach with various discounts based on volume can can be tailored to fit you.  You can go online to order at your discounts anytime day or night.  

Talk to Us

Many of you know and have experienced our products, but don't know how to partner with us in a way that provides financial benefits and support for you.  THERE ARE NOW WAYS.  We can help... and work together...  Start by sending us an email.  Or call at 

Suggestion Box

Please consider this contact form our Suggestion Box.  We will serious consider your input as we seek to give you the best service possible.

Thank you!

the balance 7 team


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Phone/fax  805-474-0558


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