RR-B Rewards Registration - Basic

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$5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Basic includes 1 each B7-42 (two 64 oz bottles, a starter pack of literature, and a Balance Buddy dosage bottle

This entry level registration package qualifies all applicants are a Rewards Distributor.  Items included are:

(2) B7-21 - our standard  21 day supply of Balance 7 alkaline supplement (first auto-ship)

(1) BKS - Balance 7 Product brochures - combo pack of Product (Health) and Rewards (Wealth)

(1) DD - one custom B7 daily dosage bottle perfect for carrying in purse or car for consistent use 

This package also qualifies you for -

1.  Reduced shipping rate and Free shipping on future auto-ship)

2.  5-10% discount on our selected items when you use your B7 account.  (B7-10, B7-21, B7-42, B7-FP, B7-21V1, B7-10V1)





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