An Exquisite Health Tool

The exquisite Balance 7 health tool!  See how quickly your body feels the difference as you create an “alkaline tide” within for 10 days neutralizing excess acidity by using Balance 7.

An inner look to the inner “ocean” terrain might frighten you.  Year after year of excess acidity (poor diet, inadequate diet, and stress) can deeply penetrate the liquid pH systems in your body and produce a sluggish unhealthy disease prone body – without you aware of it…  Take control.  Make the changes inside your body that you need to make – and see the difference.

Wave after Wave (inner alkaline tides)

Balance 7 is an inner health systems “defibrillator".  It is created by the daily release of wave after wave of inner alkaline “tides” throughout your circulatory system.  They quickly reach the hot “fires” of inner excess acidity and put them out!  It is a very simple first step is to take one ounce of Balance 7 taken orally 3 times a day and watch things begin to happen inside of you.

It's a Simple Solution

This simple, safe specialty hi-alkaline water is comprised of a unique mix of inorganic natural minerals and water that form a natural and safe catalyst to trigger inner alkalizing streams that quickly flow throughout your body.  They put out acidic fires!  This 42-day supply (1 ounce taken 3 x daily taken between meals and drinks) of Balance 7 is a fast direct way to aggressively fight against a disease prone inner acidic environment.  Once you start and feel the results, and depending on your inner pH “ocean” needs, you will not regret this decision.

Let's get down the "road"

A 42-day supply of Balance 7 will move you “down the road” to take back the territory inside of you that excess acidity has taken over – and created an inner environment hostile to health.  It may take a prolonged effort to recover conditions from decades of poor health habits.  Balance 7 is not a crutch, it’s a springboard to better levels of health.  Act now.  Take the most critical and fundamental step towards a new level of health – and it’s an easy one to implement.  Some alkaline “solutions” are expensive and require high daily volumes of consumption.


This Balance 7 health tool will quickly prove to you the deeply powerful impact of pH in the body – and give you a way to things back into proper balance! 

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