Medical Partner Program

Designed for Your Success

WE OFFER A MEDICAL PARTNERSHIP to our Medical Affiliates a choice of programs for purchase and resell of our Balance 7 products.  These programs are designed to make providing our valued health products to your clients profitable for you.

  • Creative and Flexible
  • Easy and Convenient
  • Quality Product Access
  • Profitable

A.  Wholesale/Distributor Direct 

You may purchase Direct for your inventory at Medical Wholesale Direct Discount and sell directly from your office.  Discounts are based on volumes purchased.  Tax Certificates information is needed to avoid paying tax (CA and certain states).

B.  DropShip® Program

In this program, we set you up with Medical Wholesale Direct Discount account with special discounts.  When you prescribe our products, you can order online direct from your office and have product drop shipped direct to your client from our fulfillment center.  Customer will receive packer only.  Product will be shipped in 1 - 3 days.  Bill your customer as part of normal billing in your office at your own rate. 

C.  Medical Affiliate Program

Our third option a replicated site and allows you to have them purchase directly from us by using your Medical Affiliate Link that you provide to them text, email, or handwritten on card. This  affiliate link is received when you SIGN UP as a Medical Affiliate.   

You will have an Affiliate Back Office  to track sales and  commissions. You will also receive a special COUPON to give your client a discount for ordering from you.  All sales through your link receive a monthly commission for all purchases made using the AFFILIATE system. Funds are paid directly into to your bank.  LEARN MORE 

CONTACT US for more information or with questions

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