Understanding the Role of Water, pH Balance, Acidity, and Body Health


The primary building blocks of life cannot be overlooked or disregarded without serious and disastrous consequences.  Our current health crisis is the result of our blatant disdain and/or incredible ignorance and naiveté in the most important building block of life - WATER.   Our body is 70% water and is therefore, its most significant building block

As a colloidal system, our body is a complex system of minerals (dust of the earth) suspended in waterEvery life supporting metabolic and chemical process of our bodies, complex beyond description, happens in the “environment” of the water of our body


In every body of water (H2O) a certain percentage of the water molecules naturally disassociate into H and OH molecules.  The ratio of H to OH ions is what we call pH balance and is expressed in a numeric scale – 0 to 14.  (0 is very acidic – lots of H ions and 14 is alkaline - lots of OH ions). 

Careful scientific study reveals that proper pH balance plays an absolutely critical role in our body.  The critical life supporting metabolic and chemical processes of our bodies all require a proper pH balance (ratio of H and OH ions) within our body.


When our body’s pH balance is wrong, serious problems result as our “liquid” system, with its incredibly complex chemical and metabolic processes, begins to go haywire.  For example, when blood pH (95% water) is not kept within pH balance of 7.35 to 7.45, our bodies die.   Other critical body systems also require very specific pH levels for best “performance”.  Low pH levels, in particular, have harmful health consequences.


So… let’s begin to get practical.  What place does Pasta, chocolate, coffee or tea, beef, poultry, rice, beer or wine, bread, and eggs have in your diet?  For most us, these foods are essential and “non-negotiable” and form the majority of our diet.  However, when metabolized, these very foods leave a metallic and chemical residue in our bodies that tend to create lower than normal pH levels.  When our diets do not include enough alkaline producing foods, our bodies become acidic.  This is called acidosis


We know that acid rain kills forests, that acid creates rust, and that alkaline wastes pollute lakes…  What we don’t realize is that acid in our bodies likewise can kill… as it produces an atmosphere for disease.   When our primary “building block”, water, has an out of balance pH level, (i.e. acidosis), our body’s mechanisms for health maintenance and restoration are greatly compromised.  And disease strikes…Understand clearly that acidosis (low pH) is a deadly enemy to the health mechanisms of your body.  It will corrode and eventually destroy your body’s own ability to defend itself from sickness and disease.  Through your efforts to eliminate this condition from the water of your body, you will effectively help your own body keep healthy. 


A.        Balance 7 is a new exciting and effective way to find results fast in your quest to re-balance body pH levels.  The starting place for your body’s journey back to health requires an all out effort to repair the damage to its primary “building block” – its water.  We need to rebalance destructive low pH levels in this foundational building block of our body.

B.        Balance 7 is a natural dietary supplement (mostly water) comprised of a proprietary mix of mineral salts that combine to form a highly alkaline (11.0) water that is safe for the body.  Traditional medicine has not provided easy and effective methods to balance pH quickly. 

C.        Balance 7 does one very essential thing – it helps your body regain its “pH balance”.  When taken per instructions, it helps the body stimulate its own production of alkalinity.  As this surge of alkalinity is absorbed, it helps the body “fire up” its own immune system.  Then, watch and see what the body can do to repair itself!


Look at this list of benefits that result as proper pH balance enables the body to perform at optimum levels!

  • Fat Metabolism
  • Healthy Insulin Production
  • Healthy Oxygen Flow
  • Smooth Blood Flow
  • Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Critical Lipid and Fatty Acid and Hormonal Metabolism Cellular Regeneration and DNA-RNA Synthesis
  • Proper Electrolyte Activity
  • Access to Energy Reserves

As proper pH balance enhances and strengthens the basic systems of the body, the core fluid system of the body itself is strengthened, and better enabled to effectively resist many enemies to health we face.

  • Cancer
  • Viral infection
  • Malaria
  • Typhoid
  • Internal infections
  • Diverticulitis
  • Ulcers
  • BPH


Health need not be so elusive or expensive or unattainable.  As we understand more of how the body works and apply the fundamentals by maintaining the best possible condition of the most important building block of life – the water of your body – we will experience a high level of health.  


See the Difference

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