Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What can I expect when using Balance 7?
Most people find that in 72 hours they begin to have more energy, greater clarity of thought and an overall feeling of better health.

2. What actually is happening in my body when I take Balance 7?

Balance 7 releases a rush of alkalinity within the body that quickly circulates throughout the body to neutralize acidity.  Most disease and illness is associated with acidity within the blood, tissues, and cells.

3. How much do I have to drink for this product to be effective?

Initial recommended dosage: 3 times a day in 1-ounce doses (morning, mid-day, and night - one half hour before or after food or drink).

4. What does it taste like?
A unique taste some consider similar to salt water. The initial strong taste indicates an acidic state, which gradually diminishes as the body begins the detox process. Refrigerating helps soften the taste.

5. Do I have to take it every day?
For best effects, yes. It is very important to follow the consistent daily 3-ounce regimen to receive the full benefit.  A consistent regimen greatly improves the efficacy and potency of the pH balancing process in the body.

6. Are there any side effects?

About 8% of people drinking Balance 7 experience a short period of flu-like symptoms.  This brief occurrence is a useful indicator of the detox process after-which a state of well being is often reported.  Also, should the user experience slight stomach discomfort, a soda cracker just before each dosage helps provide relief.

7. What does it cost?
Much less than a price of a cup of coffee at most restaurants, per day.

8. Is it important to swish it in the mouth?
Yes. To get the full benefit of Balance 7, swish on teeth, gums and tongue. Another noticeable benefit is the reduction of Halitosis (bad breath).

9. Will it help if I drink more than the recommended amount?
To increase the rate of detox, drinking 6 separate ounces throughout the day has proven to be beneficially for those with serious problems. Initially, the 3-ounce routine is recommended for a few days, then followed by a 6 oz. per day regimen for 3 days, and then return to 3 oz. per day.

10. What is the recommended dosage of Balance 7?

Normal dosage is 1 oz taken 3 times daily either 30 minutes before or after eating and/or drinking.  However, if user is less than 120 lbs in weight, reduce dosage size from 1 oz to 2/3 oz when taken.  Age does not normally affect dosage recommendation.

11. Is Balance 7 recommended for cancer or stroke victims?

Bear in mind that the primary purpose and effect of Balance 7 is the neutralization of excess acidity within the body.  Because out of balance acidity (low acidity) is nearly always associated with cancer and conditions that contribute to strokes, we highly recommend Balance 7 usage as this helps eliminate the inner body conditions (acidosis) that help form the environment conducive to a wide variety of ailments.

12. Does Balance 7 affect blood pressure?

Blood pressure is affected by a host of conditions.  The primary "target" of Balance 7 is reduction of excess acidity which contributes to the development of high cholesterol.  As acidity is controlled on ongoing basis, the conditions that contribute to high blood pressure are reduced.

13. How long should I continue to take Balance 7?

In most cases, high acidity is developed over a long period of time, and is not quickly overcome.  The rate of correction depends on many critical factors, including diet and exercise.   We recommend initial usage for a minimum of 1 month to 6 months followed by "maintenance" usage of minimum of 1 week per month.  This requirement for ongoing usage is significantly affected by type of diet (whether acidic or more balanced alkaline) and level of consistent exercise.

14. What are the side effects of Balance 7?

Balance 7 normally has no known negative side effects.  However, during the initial phase of treatment the famous Herxheimer may occur.  This is a mild flu-like effect that may occur for 2 -3 days as Balance 7 creates a rapid detoxification within the body - a healing 'crisis' created by the kill-off of negative microbes resulting from detoxification within the body. 

15. Is Balance 7 and Cleanshield the same?

These two brands are the same.  The Cleanshield brand name was created for the Africa market while Balance 7 brand name applies to the U.S. marketplace.

16. What is Balance 7 made of?

Balance 7 uses natural, inorganic minerals to make a specialty hi pH water (11.2) capable of triggering a rapid boost of alkalinity in the body.  There is no "toxicity" to this product as it has tested at the same level as drinking water. 

17. Expiration date?

Balance 7 has a very rugged composition and can withstand extreme changes in temperature with no loss of potency.  While the efficacy level is sustained indefinitely, official expiration date is 4 years from time of production.

18. Is Balance 7 the same as alkaline water?

Yes, and no... Balance 7 is a specialty hi pH supplement in a class of its own.  Most alkaline waters are 9.5 or less and if higher may be unhealthy as well as unstable.  In addition, these other alkaline waters require a high level of sustained consumption, often over a long period of time, in order to achieve any positive health results.  Balance 7 on the other hand is rated at 11.2 pH and requires very limited consumption (1 oz 3 times daily) to rapidly effect an acidic neutralization within the body.

19. What is Balance 7?

Balance is a specialty hi alkaline water formulated with a proprietary process using safe inorganic minerals (used in food industry) around the world to produce a completed safe hi alkaline water (rated at 11.2) capable of boosting body pH when used properly.

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