Diabetes...inconvenient, painful, life threatening. 

While you should always follow the advice of your doctor, there may be an alternative response that could help.


When you think of an alternative diabetes treatment strategy what comes to mind?  Herbal supplements, acupuncture, aromatherapy?  These things may very well work for you, but maybe there’s another way.

If there was a product that you only had to drink a few ounces of each day that could potentially dramatically improve your condition, would you be willing to try it?  I have two words for you: alkaline water.

Alkaline water for diabetes?  Really?

Yes, really!

But there are so many kinds of alkaline water on the market today.  Will any of them do?  What is the best alkaline water for diabetes? 

I have another two words for you: Balance 7

Ok, that was a word and a number.  But what makes Balance 7 better than the competition? 


Easy.  Balance 7 is rated pH11.2!  The most popular alkaline waters on the market today top out at 8 or 9.

This extreme high pH level makes a dramatic difference.  Each 1oz dose sends a tidal wave of alkalinity throughout your body to help balance your body’s pH level.  Balance pH levels within the body make it much more effective at fighting many diseases, including diabetes.

Can this high alkaline water for diabetes resistance really help?

We believe it can!  How?  Simply by supporting proper pH levels in your body.  That's all it takes!

It won't take long to see the impact of this powerful pH11+ alkaline catalyst. Simply monitor your sugar over the first 10 days of regular use of Balance 7. See for yourself. Watch the impact on your sugar levels as your body responds to more balanced pH levels within.

We believe in Balance 7, and if you try it, we think you will too.  Balance 7 will have a positive impact on your health.  We guarantee it.  If you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back.

Try it today
and celebrate a healthy life!

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