Life’s challenges often seem too large…until we consider who is on our side.  This is especially true of an enemy like cancer.  The specter of cancer looms large until we realize the positive forces that fight powerfully against it.

Is there an alternative treatment for cancer?  Are there natural products for fighting cancer?

A careful look at the experience and approach discovered and used widely in today’s world is very encouraging.  Many have, after much effort and searching, discovered that one can apply alternative cancer treatment with alkalinity.



Many claim to have gained cancer prevention with alkaline water, and even state that it is the best natural treatment for cancer.  Their serious search for answers have led to a pathway that used alkaline water for cancer treatment.  Some boldly say “There is an alkaline water cancer treatment method that works”, and even offer personal testimonies to back it up.

To this we add our own experience.  After a 50+ year path of development, we began marketing our formulation, Balance 7 Alkaline Catalyst, after we concluded that we had found the best alkaline water for cancer.  And that pH balance within the body is best achieved by raising alkalinity.

Here's the thing...

After 10 years and millions of bottles sold in multiple nations, the feedback has been amazingly positive.  Many testify to amazing benefits they directly claim occurred as they raised their pH levels in their bodies.

Many in this vast group of Balance 7 users believe that the use of effective alkaline water for cancer treatment is a logical, safe, natural, approach to fighting this scourge of humanity.

We invite you to carefully consider our approach, one built on the conviction that the body itself is the best healing agent, the best “doctor” if you will.  Taking every step possible to balance pH is vitally important to the body’s natural plan against cancer.


Use Balance 7 to quench the fire of excess acidity within the body.

Experience the power of the body itself for health.




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