High Alkaline Water for Diabetes Resistance - Maintain The pH Level of Your Body

Jul 7th 2017

Diabetes - a life-threatening disease which is dangerous yet surprisingly common in today’s era is characterized by an imbalance in the glucose level, i.e. sugar, in the blood. Diabetes affects not only adults but children as well. The reasons are many including a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and obesity.

A high level of blood sugar puts the diabetics at risk of acquiring several other health issues such as stroke, high blood pressure, stomach problems, cataract, and glaucoma among others. In order to overcome, or balance, your glucose level, you must see your doctor and rely on the prescribed medicines which come with various side effects. So, why not to try something that can make your body resistant to diabetes? Yes, that's right, high alkaline water!

The human body flourishes on an alkaline pH. Over time, the body can accumulate acid, reducing the pH value below 7 (acidic pH) and creating a toxic environment. So, when you drink a few ounces of high alkaline water that has a pH of 11.2 between meals, you actually help your body return to a normal pH level.

The high alkaline water for diabetes resistance has shown to be a great alternative method to support the body's immune system and thus its ability to keep blood sugar levels under control. So, maintain the right pH balance in your body to stay healthy and keep diseases at bay!

Balance 7 for Life

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