Here Is Why Every Diabetic Needs to Use Balance 7 pH Dietary Supplement

Aug 29th 2017

High levels of blood sugar put diabetics at several serious health risks including stroke, high blood pressure, stomach problems, cataract and glaucoma among others. People suffering from diabetes are subject to a strict diet and healthy and active lifestyle. They are expected to always listen to the doctor to stay healthy. But what if you get an alternative option to decrease the effects of diabetes where you are just required to drink few ounces of alkaline water!

A pH level of 6 or lower is known as acidic and the human body functions healthily on a balanced pH of 7. One way to achieve that balance is to consume something with a pH higher than 7, known as alkaline, to raise internal pH levels. With time, accumulation of acids generated in the body facilitate the digestion of food efficiently and as a result, affects the pH level of body adversely.

Lifestyle habits and increasing age causes the pancreas to lose efficacy to fight against rising acid levels in the body. The worn-out pancreas also become inefficient in maintaining its other functions including proper glucose levels in the body which leads to obesity and diabetes. Balance 7 pH dietary supplement, which is specially formulated to have a very high pH level, keeps the body balanced, thus ensuring proper functioning.

Unlike alkaline water which has a pH level of 8 or 9, this supplement comes with a rating of over 11 ensuring the body stays balanced in any situation.

Balance 7 for Life

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