BH Half-Sheet Brochure Display Holder (plastic)

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Bi Fold Brochure Holder Standard Booklet
SELF-STANDING. Self-standing and innovatively designed, the SourceOne 6 Inch Wide Brochure Holder is the ideal for holding images, brochures, and advertising pamphlets. It displays pictures and 6 inch magazines efficiently, and stands on its own without difficulty thanks to its solid-back base.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY. Made of top-quality acrylic, this clear 6 Inch brochure holder features excellent durability and resiliency. It has smooth edges and is transparent. The clear acrylic is the perfect compliment to any brochure to promote advertising. Acrylic is a shatter-resistant material that boasts great strength despite its light weight.

MULTIPURPOSE. This sign holder is versatile, serves a lot of purposes, and can be put in many different backgrounds and locales. It’s perfect for displaying bestsellers, new menu items, and other special offerings in restaurants. In hotel reception areas, it can be used to promote package deals and new features. In schools, it can display regulations and academic news. It helps you spread information by making it accessible to everyone

6" x 3" x 7" Plastic 

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