Yes, there is an internal fire – in our bodies, an internal fire directly connected to health, longevity, a strong immune system, good memory, and much more.

It’s the battle against excess acidity.   The alkaline factor within is the common denominator for health.

A short look at google search quickly yields many alkaline promises.  Some promise high energy with alkaline water.  Others look to alkaline water for pH balance.  Some provide alkaline benefits against acne.  You will find a very long list of alkaline water benefits for the immune system.

There is a great litany of benefits of drinking alkaline water.  There are alkaline water health benefits, alkaline water benefits for skin, and many more.

All point to the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

How about a strong immune system through alkaline balance? Alkaline water for disease prevention?  Alkaline water for acne treatment?  Alkaline water for beautiful skin?  Or alkaline water for pH balance fast?

powerful immune system

Alkaline water health benefits have been discovered by millions around the world.


When you find something this great, you don’t keep it to yourself.  We want everyone to discover these amazing benefits!  This isn’t the Fountain of Youth, but it may be the closest natural thing mankind ever finds.

Careful study unveils this fact: there is a very strong connection globally between proper pH balance in the body and health.  The great tide of information, studies, new discoveries, research, and products, all point to two facts:

#1 Excess internal acidity is dangerous to health
#2 Effective measures for raising alkalinity strongly fight disease

To all this, we at Balance 7 quickly assent and add, “Quench the fire”, fast!  If effective control of alkaline levels provides these kind of health solutions, let’s look hard for the BEST alkaline water for the immune system, the BEST alkaline water to strengthen immunity, and DO IT.

What is needed should be effective, fast, affordable, safe, and easy to administer.  Effectiveness and efficiency are critical elements in our battle.

Here’s the deal…

You are just a few ounces of water a day away from drastically improving your body's ability to fight disease and stay healthy.  Just a few ounces away from improving your energy level.  Just a few ounces away from increasing your memory and putting an extra spring in your step.

Balance 7 is the answer - as a fast, effective way to quench the fire of acidity in the body.  There is no product on the market that will raise your alkalinity level as quickly, and none as easy to use.  No expensive machines are necessary and you don’t have to spend time making your own water.  All that is required is just drinking a few ounces per day.  What could be easier?

Balance 7 alkaline catalyst is a natural specialty mineral alkaline water rated at pH11+. It quickly creates within the body “alkaline tides” in the bloodstream that act to quickly quench excess acidity.  For more than a decade, in many nations, Balance 7 has been “putting out acidic fires” in the body.


Acidic crisis management.

Balance 7 for Life
The pH11+ alkaline catalyst.
Try it today.


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