The Ballad of Balance 7

The story of Balance 7 begins over 50 years ago when Al Siamon, an inventor and businessman, first formulated Balance 7. Progressively, the extended analytical process revealed benefit after benefit to Mr. Siamon's inquisitive mind. After decades of study and discovery, he took steps to bring it into the world.

Mr. Siamon discovered that this 11.2 pH mix of minerals and water was powerfully potent in stimulating the release of alkalinity in the body.  This discovery became part of a global trend and awareness of the importance of alkalinity and proper pH balance in the body.  This was a powerful tool for health.

Recent research has revealed that people with proper pH levels are predominantly healthy and vibrant.  Mr. Siamon discovered that of the many methods to control excess acidity, his discovery was proving to be an extremely simple, safe, powerful, economical, and effective.  

Chidinma Eziyi and Per Anderson joined with Al Siamon in 2006 to form Allgone LLC, dedicated to take this health discovery to the world.  Ms. Eziyi had done pioneering work in business and project development in Nigeria NEPAD.  For decades, Per Anderson had worked in the industrial industry of Southern California and had spent over a decade in Africa.

They formed a team with Al Siamon and took the mandate to introduce Balance 7 to the world.

Africa was a fantastic initial market focus.  After gaining approval for distribution in Nigeria, they launched the product.  The MLM marketing model they used had never experienced a product that generated such strong, positive feedback.  Within a year, it penetrated large sections of Nigeria (over 180 million people) as well as surrounding nations.

A 5 year study, with over 15 months of direct use in a hospital in that nation couple with explosive growth demonstrated amazing feedback and testimonies.

The pH paradigm of health is powerful.  Globally this is true.  Beginning in Japan, then sweeping over the US and other parts of the world, higher levels of health are experienced as people neutralize excess acidity in the body.  Balance 7 has proven to be on the cutting edge of this new wave of discovery.

Note focusing solely on new drugs and medical devices, this approach instead looks closely at the body and asks the question, "What is the body asking us to do to help fight and resist disease with its own immune system".  

Balance 7 and the related beauty products provide the answer that says, "Raise the pH levels inside the liquid systems of the body."

Here at Allgone LLC, we are dedicated to providing this effective health tool to every part of the world and in particular to developing nations suffering so much from disease. The healing streams of Balance 7 are needed everywhere - now including the United States.  Acidic Crisis Management is in demand!

Our products are now in the U.S., Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and is rapidly spreading. Where the need is great, so the is the hunger.

Allgone LLC, has developed a richly rewarding Affiliate program that encourages those to have experienced the health benefits to participate in the business marketing affiliate program.  It is designed to reward those who share the good news. 

All are invited to participate in this wealth building program.  Come join us.  Help us celebrate a healthy and (wealthy) life!

Al Siamon, Chidinma Eziyi, and Per Anderson

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