B7-10V1 BALANCE 7 Inner Alkalizing Streams QT for 10 days - 16 Quart (32 oz) Volume Discount (Case) (Auto Ship Available)

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Balance 7 - Exquisite Health Tool

Use this 11.2 pH specialty alkaline supplement with a simple regime of only 1 oz 3 times per day to powerfully boost alkaline levels in the body.  This exquisite Balance 7 health tool will quickly affect your body.  Feel the difference as you create an “alkaline tide” within for 10 days to neutralize excess acidity.

Balance 7 is a mix of inorganic minerals produced with proprietary procedure to provide a natural, safe alkaline rich supplement that is 11.2 on the pH scale.  Using only sodium carbonate and sodium phosphate, this supplement is best referred to as your tool for "acidic crisis management" within the body.

Results depend on the "inner terrain" within.  Some report benefits in days, while other see result after faithful regimen of 3 to 6 months.   An inner look to the inner “ocean” terrain of many unveil an unpleasant fact - excess acidity created by years of poor diet, inadequate exercise, and stress, which deeply penetrate the liquid pH systems in your body and produce a sluggish unhealthy disease prone body – without you being aware of it…  

Take control.  Make the changes inside your body that you need to make – and see the difference.

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B7-10V1 - 32 oz. – 10 day’s supply x 14 (recommended allowance – 11.2 pH level – Proprietary blend – hi alkaline water



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Balance 7 in a nutshell

  There's a whole lot more behind it, but that's Balance 7 in a nutshell!  If you're into all the sciency stuff, you can find a lot more information here!

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